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Abha Mandal Aura Camp

Our Guest Mr. Prakash Pant
Tourism Minister, Govt of Uttarakhand (25 May 2008)

Everything in the universe seems to be just a vibration; every atom, every part of an atom, every electron, every particle, even our every thought and consciousness is just vibrations. Aura is defined as electro-photonic vibration response of an object to some external excitation. In simple words, aura is the reflection of our true nature. "True Nature" here means the true insight into our personality, free of any façade of superficial behaviour. Aura contains many colours, change colours constantly and each shade affects the aura colours meaning. Your mood, what you are presently doing and what you are experiencing in life all determine the colours of your aura at any given point of time.

With the blessings of the Almighty and our noted Gurus, Holiness P. Parkash ji has revolutionised the way we will now lead our life. Through years of hard work, experimentation and continuous practice, he has scientifically invented the unique way of reinventing our life that is replete with problems – Aura Correction.

The energy produced by living being reflects different colours that represent the nine planets of the solar system. According to astrology, the nine planets govern the dashas of our life, namely – the dasha, the antardasha and the pratyantardasha, which are generally responsible for all the positive and negative happenings in our life. The birth of a person in certain latitude and longitude guides the horoscope and decides the various happenings that determine our life. Our aged sages and gurus years ago thought that if the horoscope of a person carries ill – effects will the person leave everything to the hands of destiny. Can nothing be done to cure him of the misfortunes? They came up with a solution that through chanting Mantras and conducting Havanas, we can definitely minimise the effects of the different planets in our life, if not, negate them completely and lead a blissful and contended life. However, this technique generally known as "Anushthan" is a time consuming and an expensive process.

With true experience and an aim to cure the humanity of the ill - effects of the planets, Holiness P. Parkash ji has found a unique way of correcting the disturbed aura and ail people of the different physical, mental, financial or the spiritual problems. Through the divine blessings, he can see and feel the aura with his naked eyes. His simple method of correcting the aura comes from the Dhyanyog followed by the Snanyog, thus fixing the disturbed aura. You can now feel the divine and mystic presence of a circle of light surrounding you.

Are you ready to feel this divine regeneration of the NEW YOU?
Are you ready to bless your inner self and de-stress with this unique method in an economical manner?
Are you ready to feel the mystic power in your life and revitalize your past, present and future?
You may be glad to know that we have been regularly conducting such camps from time to time and would continue to organise many, more in the future. These camps have been conducted to improve the conditions of the public – at the holy city of Haridwar and Karjat (Maharashtra). Another such camp had been conducted at Kotdwar, Uttaranchal to bless the broken spirits of the drug addicts. This practice has been greatly appreciated and has been of great help to the inmates of the centre. Holiness P. Parkash ji regularly conducts TV shows to share his experience and writes articles in leading newspapers and publications for the public to benefit them of this new practice. He is also the founder of Sudarshan Seva Trust and runs it to help the poor and the needy.