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What Is Dhyan Yoga ?
Dhyan Yoga is the practice of bringing the mind inward by focusing the attention on a single object in total concentration. Without total concentration, there cannot be Dhyan Yoga, as the mind creates thought waves continuously and brings our attention from one thing to the next. As the concentration increases, the thought waves diminish and the mind becomes calm and quiet.

Dhyan Yoga is that empty space created by quieting the mind, where there is nothing but an uninterrupted flow of energy, and the usual preoccupations with the world completely disappear. At higher levels of Dhyan Yoga, duality also disappears and there is nothing but oneness with the Divine. This is called Samadhi. The permanent state of Samadhi is what we call Liberation or Self-realization, and it is the aim of all forms of yoga and all spiritual paths. Liberation is the true aim of life, and Dhyan Yoga is both the practice and the door to attaining it.

The ultimate benefit of Dhyan Yoga is the realization of God, but there are many other advantages in every stage of spiritual development. Because it purifies the body in general and the nervous system in particular, diseases of the body and mind are greatly improved. Energy levels and mental powers are increased as well, the creativity and intuition are enhanced and inner joy becomes a regular experience. Stress levels are highly reduced by Dhyan Yoga, and the medical community is starting to realize the value of the different practices yogis have been doing for thousands of years, particularly hatha yoga and Dhyan Yoga.

If you are able to meditate at least for half an hour daily, you will become level headed and face life with peace and spiritual strength. Dhyan Yoga is the most powerful mental and nerve tonic. Divine energy freely flows during Dhyan Yoga, and exerts a benign influence on the mind, nerves, sense organs and body. It opens the door to intuitive knowledge and to other realms of reality. The mind becomes calm and steady. Inner peace becomes possible and real.

With practice, duality disappears and Samadhi, or the superconscious state, is reached. Be patient and consistent, reaching this state takes a long time.