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PalmistryIf you are looking for information on some specific lines like palmistry life line, heart line, fate line, marriage line then use the menu on the left hand side to find the appropriate information on it.

What is Palmistry

Palmistry is a branch of ancient science, which deals with the complete study of the palms-prints to get the idea of future events in life. Palmistry is considered as evidence which shows that everyone has a different life as we all have different palm prints. Its practice is not limited to any particular religion but it's deeply rooted in the customary culture of ancient times.

Many stalwarts in this field of science have worked effectively and are honored internationally. In addition to the mounting and sliding lines on the palm, nails, shape of the fingers, color and surface of the skin over the palm are also seen as the important factors for the judgement.

Palmistry Lines - Palm Lines

All the lines on the palm whether big or small, thin or thick are helpful in determining the speed of the life force of a person. Hence, it is essential for an expert palmist to make a significant study of each line found on the palm. The clear and deep long lines on a palm indicate accomplishment, while the thin, broken and indefinite lines are a handicap for the person. Every person has seven main lines and twelve secondary lines.

The 7 main lines include the life line, head line, heart line, line of Apollo or sun, fate line, health line and marriage line

The examination of palmistry lines is inclusive of the recent medical research which correlates the genetic factors and abnormalities to the figures found in hand. The art connects the link of heart diseases with the acute study of heart line on your hand. So, whether it is the hand of a criminal or a sage, palmistry lines claim to foretell the positive and the negative effects correctly.